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Return & Exchange Policy

    Exchange policy:

             If you would like to exchange your item within 30 days from receiving it and will receive another pair, the shipping fees will be applied to the exchange. The pair has to be new, not used and with the same condition it was received.

    Refund Policy:

      You have 14 days to make a refund request after your order has been delivered.

    To refund any item, you will receive an e-Voucher with the exact amount paid excluding the shipping fee of the product. You can use the e-voucher code to purchase any item on Crocs Egypt's website. A refund voucher is valid for 1095 days (3 years), and you need to use your e-voucher during this period, it can be used on several purchases until its balance reaches 0. The voucher is a way to avoid paying the shipping fees several times.